About Us

Trail Jesters was founded in 2008 as a private off-road motorcycle and snowmobile club. The Trail Jesters are a group that enjoys riding dirt bikes and snowmobiles. There are four full members and five associate members of the club today. We ride, we race and we support others that share our passion.

Trail Jesters Racing

Trail Jesters Racing was launched in January 2014 and we are dedicated to supporting New England riders as they pursue their dirt bike passion. We do support riders in a few other sports, but our main focus is off road motorcycle racing. We sponsor riders that have strong personal character, integrity and show grit and determination in their sport. Our goal is to provide a platform of growth for our riders. We do not accept applications for sponsorship. If we like what we see … we will reach out to you.

Our goal is to build a platform for support of our riders, be role models for our sport and never ever give up. We constantly strive to learn and improve, both as individuals and as a team. And we for sure are building on a foundation of success and gunning to win more regional, national and international titles.


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